Carawela - wood fired ovens evolution

An excuse for having a good time outside

Give yourself and your friends a chance for a good time, invite them over and have a pizza party
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Carawela fired oven

Great Piece for Your Garden

This oven's aesthetic qualities will increase your garden's appeal, remembering you to spend time with those you like.

Ready in 15min

Once you make fire inside your oven you will have it ready to cook in just 15 min!

Sound Construction

We made this oven in such way that it will stand the test of time, allowing you to make use of it year after year.


The included thermometer helps to maintain the temperature within the range your cooking needs to be perfect.

Adjustable Air Feed

Door has adjustable air feed, or can be removed for even greater air flow into the oven.

Chimney with Register Plate

Register plate allows efficient operation, as it regulates the air flow exiting the oven, allowing smoke to exit when present, or maintaining the hot air inside.